How to Submit your Events?

1. Click on Submit Your Event in the top bar.

2. Click on Add New (button)

3. Enter the Event Information
– Name
– When
– Time
– Where: In this section you can start typing the name of the Venue. If the Venue doesn’t exits make sure you fill up everything correctly and this will create the Venue for you and for everyone else to use in the future.
– Details

4. Click Add Media to insert a photo or registration documents for your event.

5. In the big box start typing all the necessary information for your event including links, directions or any detail information the user need to know.

6. Select the Category. If the category doesn’t match the type of event you want, select any and let us know so we can create one new category.

7. Event Image. Upload a flyer or any type of photo related to your event. Make sure is not bigger than 1074 x 768 and 2Mb in size.

8. DO NOT Check the box “Enable registration for this event

9. Check the box “I consent to my submitted data being collected and stored as outlined by the site.”

10. Click Submit Event

Note: Be aware that your event will not show up immediately, the event will be reviewed and after approved it will be displayed inside the ATFI website.