On Saturday July 20th, Master Fruitstone and Blue Dragon Taekwon-Do hosted a Florida Team Training workout. Masters Nunez and Kerner from Nunez’s Taekwon-Do in St. Augustine, as well as Mr. Reyes from Do Martial Arts in Orlando attended as Instructor/Coaches. Students Blue Belt and higher from both Blue Dragon and Do Martial Arts participated.

The training opened with Master Fruitstone taking the students through a dynamic warmup and physical conditioning session. Master Nunez then taught some technical sparring drills, which included footwork, head movement, and counters. Participants then sparred a number of rounds, with Masters Nunez, Kerner, and Fruitstone providing coaching between bouts.

After a short break, Mr. Reyes taught self-defense, which included falling, rolling, joint attacks, and takedowns. The session concluded with Master Fruitstone taking the participants through a recovery stretching and flexibility program.

Both the Florida Instructor/Coaches and participants are looking forward to getting together again soon for our next Team Training!

Florida Team Training Jul-2019

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